Slepkov Trent Physics


June 5, 2017-------

Our image of a physalis dimer forming plasma in a microwave oven is the Optics and Photonics News Image of the Week

June, 2017-------

Our work on Spectral Surfing is now published in Optics Letters. Catch it here!

June, 2017-------

The entire group will be presenting talks and posters this year at Photonics North in Ottawa. Whether you are interested in learning about Spectral Surfing, mysterious NLO signals in living Euglenoids, or about Grape Balls of Fire, there will be something for everyone. We hope to see you there!

May, 2017-------

Jeremy and Aaron attend the Research Matters Pop-Up Research Park event, representing Trent University on Parliament Hill in Ottawa.

March 23, 2017-------

Dear Leader will be ripping apart the physics of the Ant Man film in the Physics Club’s 2017 Mistaken Movies Night. Cute Poster.

Jan 30, 2017-------

Jeremy and Aaron presented their work on Spectral Surfing in Photonics West 2016 at The Moscone Center, San Francisco, California, United States.

Nov 9, 2016-------

Aaron is at the Gwenna Moss Centre for Teaching Effectiveness at the University of Saskatchewan to give three seminars/workshops on multiple-choice testing and integrated testlets.

Oct 31, 2016-------

Emily’s application note for CMC microsystems is now published. This article outlines how we use a hand-held thermal imager to study microwave optical modes in small aqueous dielectric spheres.

Sept 27, 2016-------

Congratulations to Jeremy and the whole team for the Biomedical Optics Express publication. This article represents our first all-in-house experimental CARS microscopy article. Our hyperspectral imaging capabilities are truly among the best in the world.

August 25, 2016-------

It's bittersweet to see long-time undergraduate group member Alan leave us to begin graduate work with Paul Corkum in Ottawa. Knock ‘em dead, Alan!

July 1, 2016-------

Congratulations to Dear Leader for securing both tenure and CRC renewal. Jeremy, Joel, and Ryan are excited at the prospects of affording some of the “premium” flip-mounts.

June 26, 2016-------

Jeremy presented a poster (Spectrally broad CARS hyper-microscopy with a single 800-nm laser source) in SPEC 2016.

Feb 8, 2016-------

Congratulations to Ryan Cole on passing his PhD conversion exam. Ryan is now both our most senior group member and newest PhD candidate!

May 11, 2015-------

We'd like to give a warm welcome to our new PhD student, Jeremy Porquez.

April 20, 2015-------

Our laser-scanning microscope--assembled/hacked by the NRC in Ottawa--is now here! SHG and TPEF microscopy working? Check! Now to get CARS working....

January 30, 2015-------

Congratulations to Joel on his first paper! The first fully in-house spectroscopy paper from our lab, in fact!

September 2, 2014-------

Congratulations to Joel for successfully defending his M.Sc. thesis! Looks like he is going to re-roll and join us for a PhD!

June 30, 2014-------

A new "Ask a scientist" response by Aaron now featured on the government's ask-a-scientist blog. Check it out.

June 23, 2014-------

Joel and Ryan are off to Extreme and Quantum Photonics Summer School at the University of Ottawa. Lunch with Bob Boyd is just a bonus!

April 22, 2014-------

Aaron's webinar on the various experimental approaches and light sources used for coherent Raman scattering microscopy is available for streaming on In this webinar we describe the various laser systems needed for picosecond-CARS, multiplex-CARS, and spectral-focussing-based CARS.

April 1, 2014-------

This summer two NSERC USRA students will be joining the lab! We welcome back Ryan Cole and newcommer Alan Godfrey (aka The Good One).

December, 2013-------

Our paper on Benford's Law and its use(lessness) for attacking multiple choice testbanks is receiving some notice from the popular media. See summaries and blurbs in

MIT Technology Review

APS Physics Buzz Blog blog

November 25, 2012-------

Our work on geological applications of multimodal CARS microscopy (and recent publication in Geology) has been highlighted both in Phycis Today, and in C&EN magazines! These are the membership trade magazines for the American Physical and American Chemical Societies.

September 25, 2012-------

A new "Ask a scientist" response by Aaron now featured on the government's ask-a-scientist blog. Check out.

September 2012----------

The lab is happy to welcome our first graduate student, Joel Tabarangao of the Philippines (via Singapore).

July 20, 2012---------------

Now in the borrowed picosecond Mira900 oscillator. Thanks, Franco Gaspari (UOIT)!! Our first photonics equipment!!

June 2012------------------

12' X 5' optical table in place and equipment overhang installed! Not quite the summer job Kevin and Mike signed up for! (See Gallery for pics)